Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Our visit to Kitwe

I'm finding it a challenge to recap all that is happenning here once I get to write something on here...Being in such a different place provides so many new experiences pretty fast...haha that sounded more profound in my head..Anyway, so on Sunday morning at around 5:30am we got ready to take a 5 hour ride to Kitwe (a city in the North, where the Speedy's have moved to). The ride was pretty bumpy, as our bus driver was on his third shift and his eyesight wasn't so good, so he usually spotted the cater size potholes just as we were going over them at about 5o miles an hour...it was quite the ride..oh and I can't forget the cockroaches that kept crawling up our legs...haha anyway, when we got there it was all worth the ride, and the Speedy's were so encouraged for us to come. Its really amazing cause after only a couple months of being there, they already have a work started in Kitwe and Ndola with two churches and Bible Schools with a few men that are really hungry for the grace message. We had a service in a very small room, sang a couple songs, and then had a time of questions and answers with the men that had come.
Pastor Renaldo spoke a message called "Grace again"...it was really amazing..He said that when we have failed, and think that God's covenant towards us could change because of our failure, He speaks "Grace again"..God made a plan that took into account my failures, and prepared grace that works all things together for good, and since the covenants He makes is not dependent on me, my weaknesses or failures cannot change His promise. It was very encouraging!

Anyway! The last couple days have been awesome! Lots of soulwinning, Bible school on the book of Romans and Galatians..its so cool, cause we're all squooshed (haha I have no idea how to spell that word) in this hot classroom with Bible's open and notebooks ready, and God is there...Just like He is present wherever His people gather in His name, and in humility want to hear His voice...what a privilege to hear the voice of God..P.Renaldo was saying that in Psa 75 it says..the "humble will hear, and be glad"He was saying that humility is such a key to hear God's voice, and how easily pride can come in and hinder us from hearing what God wants to communicate..it has been a rich time with God so far.

Last but not least, I would just have you all know that last night I successfully killed a massive cockroach crawling up my pant leg and another huge spider all in the same night! I was screaming at the top of my lungs, while P.Renaldo and Joe Roche laughed hysterically at me.

I hope you are all doing well, Im gonna try and upload some more pictures at some point but it takes like a million years to upload just one pictures so we'll see how that goes!

Love you guys...



  1. Hey! It sounds awesome over there! What a great word about "grace again"... I think we can forget how much the Lord earnestly waits to be gracious to us like in Isa 30. Sounds like your "African Adventure" sure is adventurous with all those friendly "visitors" haha! It's great to hear about how God is moving over there. Please send my greetings and love to the team, we are all having a great time here in Baltimore. The Lord is doing great, deep and wonderous things in our midst by His grace. Praying for you and I'm working on getting skype :) love you and talk to you soon! ~Lisa

  2. Hey LISS! Good to hear from you! Love you!
    Get that skype thing goin! talk to you soon!