Friday, September 18, 2009

A Friendly Visiter...

So, it has been almost a week here in Zambia, and yesterday night we had an unexpected visitor...

So, after an awesome afternoon of soulwinning in Emmasdale, where the Greater Grace Chruch in Zambia is, we headed home for some shut eye...It was about 10pm when we got there, and as we unloaded our stuff in the house I heard Carol scream "Oh my God, Oh my God"! I ran over to see what it was and on our screen door there was the most ginormous spider I have ever seen in my life! We just stood there in disbelief for about 30 seconds, not knowing what to do with the as typical women we started screaming for one of the guards to come and kill after about 10 mins of that without any success, we decided we had to take matters into our own hands...all Carol could say was "I am so devastated, I am so devasted"! which made me laugh so hard, and made her more upset! So, we got what Africans use for bugs here...DOON and I decided I had to start spraying or the thing was gonna jump out and bite one of our heads I got the courage up and started spraying and unfortunately swearing like a sailor at the same time! So, once I had used all the Doon in the bottle the spider started curling up, but about 5 seconds later it started to uncurl and crawl again which set us off screaming again! So, after about 5 minutes of looking at the closed door (cause we were too afraid to look at the gate)..we opened it up and found the dead spider on the ground...thank God...but we were no fools we wanted to make sure that thing was dead, so we did a number on it with our shoe just for good measure!
Anyway, so after we recovered from that I discovered I had about 4o misquito bites on my legs from being outside for like 10 minutes which just topped off the night with the thought of possible malaria!
We woke up the next morning and asked the guard what kind of spider it was and come to find out in their native language..Nyanga, the spider is called "Kongaeta" (haha I have no idea how thats spelt) anyway, the guy said it is poisonous and you would have to get rushed to the hospital right away if he bit, but he said "No worries it wouldn't kill you" Im not sure that was a relief or not.
Aside from the spider and mosquito trappings it is so amazing to be here!
We have Bible College tomorrow, and on Sunday we are traveling to Kitawe (which is 5 hours north from Lusaka) to visit P.Adam and Melinda Speedy. Pastor Renaldo gave an amazing message on wednesday on Rom 4 that "by faith we have access into the excess of grace" and by that truth we do not live by sight but by the power of God's was awesome!
So, pray for us as we are looking for a place to live tomorrow!
I love you all and hope you are doing well!


  1. OH. MY. GOSH. That's it.. i'M NOT COMING. HAHA JK

  2. barbs, this killed me! i can picture you right now jumping around screaming and swearing like a sailor at the sight of that thing..but you know, you always surprised me when it came to things like that, you always laugh and scream but ALWAYS take matters into your own hands and get the job done. I would have been proud to see you take this mammouth spider down. love you!