Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I made it!

So I officially made it! It took a solid 24 hours, but we (Carol and I) made it in one piece!
The plane ride was pretty uneventful until we met this older missionary that was on his way to a village in the north of Zambia. He started telling us of his missionary adventures, living in the jungles of Burma for five years, and the faithfulness of God he experienced while he was there...we quickly realized this was the Lord's gift of encouragement to us. He prayed for us, we said goodbye, and thanked God for His great love for us!
We then arrived at the Baptist Mission House we're staying at for a couple weeks...and realizing we had no water, we started boiling some :) Nothin like drinking scolding hot water before bed...
Anyway, so I woke up around 6 to a symphony of birds singing in the background! It was amazing! I was quickly reminded I was in Africa! So, God is faithful, and we are trusting God for an amazing time here! I love you all and I'll get on this blog as much as possible to update you!



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  1. Hello Barb! You probably don't know who I am; but, you sing on stage and I know your parents of course. You may know my husband, Tim Munson.
    We spent the weekend w/your parents and the rest of the AES gang. We had a trip to Ocean City to celebrate some success.
    What a blast. We got to spend the afternoon walking and flying kites w/your mom & dad. They are great and so funny(as you know).
    Your mom got to share w/me how much she misses you. At the same time, she is so very proud of you.
    I miss your sweet smile from the stage. But, it sounds like you have some divine appointments w/spiders, mosquitos and roaches. Wonderful.
    I love the blog. Esp. the quotes from P. Renaldo's messages.
    He really is an awesome pastor. Well, it's time to say bye. "bye".
    We are praying for you. God Bless
    Sheila Munson